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Ubuntu Sleep Foo… Resolved… Kinda…

After a lot of searching, testing, trying stupid stuff, ripping hair out, frustration, and what not, I finally found a hint what is going on here.

To recap you can read here and here or just continue reading.

So, if you didn’t follow the links, then here a quick recap. My machine, after installing a ton of new hardware (new motherboard, processor, cooler, memory, graphics adapter) and re-installing Ubuntu started acting weirdly. It was in standby, when I returned to the office (it is a server!) or some service was not responding (because it was in standby).

After looking at the usual suspects like kernel, drivers, certain pieces of hardware, I first suspected the UPS to cause this. But I never could find a reason for that trigger in the UPS and even without the UPS the problem prevailed.

Afterwards followed a phase where I suspected the desktop environment because XFCE reacted differently than KDE and so on. But digging into this also didn’t resolve anything. But I learned a lot about UPower in the process.

Finally I had the opportunity to see it happen in real time and it was an eye opener. I have a TV and a Blu-Ray player in my home office to be able to watch… okay, listen to a DVD or a Netflix movie. But it never occurred to me that my “random” sleep events always happened when the TV and/or the Blu-Ray player was used.

Conclusion… well, it is not a software problem at all. It is a hardware problem. and now we are dealing with a different kind of problem. Either I have a problem with the electric in my office or, much simpler, my power supply is not strong enough. Remember, that I replaced everything but the power supply?

I guess my next step is to get a new power supply. Which would also help me to get my Windows machine back up and running because I can rotate power supplies… yeah

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PS3 Media Server made easy

After some struggles to get the PS3 Media Server to run on Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ozelot), somebody must heard my prayers (not that I prayed, but anywhoo). You can install PMS now using a PPA and there is even some official documentation from Ubuntu available here. And the official PMS forum thread can be found here.

This new repository makes it kinda foolproof to install PMS on Ubuntu and here everybody is happy to have their movies and music again.

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Black Screen After Ubuntu 12.10 Installation Foo

We are a step further. I changed the partitioning so that the new and bigger core.img of GRUB fits on the disk. I manually selected the boot device because the drive enumeration changed with the new kernel. All is good. The system is installed and boots….

But all I got is a blank screen and a bunch of hard disk led’s that are working overtime. So I thought it might be a problem with the syncing of the newly created RAID. Time to take a nap…

After the nap and some other things, I returned and still all is black. But the keyboard reacts to Num Lock changes and it seems alive. Just no video. So the framebuffer hit me again. Why is that used by default anyways? Lets switch it off.

That sounds easy and it is. Just restart and in the GRUB menu screen hit e for edit the entry of Ubuntu. You get a nice EMACS style editor where you can remove the line that says:

gfxmode $linux_gfx_mode

After the change press F10 to boot the modified entry.

In my case I could see that one of my RAID’s was in degraded mode and the system was waiting for input. I really don’t understand why we are not in text mode here or why the framebuffer is not able to show this information. Anywhoo, I am now fixing my RAID and hope this information might help others.

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Ubuntu 12.10 Upgrade, LVM and RAID Foo

And here we go again. It was about time to update my server to the latest Ubuntu. Everything seemed fine and the installation went its usual way. Beforehand I made sure that I new what partition will be what and what data on what partition is worth keeping.

The partitioning tool in manual mode did what it should do, the packages installed and then came the famous question if you want to install GRUB in the MBR. Of course I selected “yes” and all I got was an error.

Switching to the fourth console (I chose the server ISO) revealed the culprit. Obviously the size of the core.img increased again. Here an excerpt of the error message:

/usr/sbin/grub-bios-setup: warning: your core.img is unusally large. It won't fit in the empedding area.
/usr/sbin/grub-bios-setup: error: embedding is not possible, but this is required for RIAD and LVM install.

This turned out to be a little problem. The RAID partitions start too early for the new  GRUB 2.00 but I have some data on this RAID that I need to keep.

Luckily I had another RAID device with enough space so that I could backup all my data. And now I can start the installation again, but this time I have to wipe the the LVM and the RAID on the boot drives.

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Ubuntu Random Sleep Foo

I am really getting frustrated. I ruled out more or less everything. I have no UI connection to the battery in the UPS anymore but still the system goes either randomly to sleep (KDE, Unity, Gnome) or logs out and messes up the X server (XFCE).

The interesting thing is that I can distinguish between the log out screen of Unity/Gnome and XFCE. When running XFCE I all of a sudden see the logout screen of Unity/Gnome and not of XFCE. So something in the system of Gnome/KDE causes a log out or a sleep.

I am ready to go back to a simple window manager but still not sure if that really will help my problem.

Lets see what the next release of Ubuntu brings. At least it is not that long anymore…

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UPower And UPS Detection Foo

Since I installed Ubuntu 11.10 I have some strange issues on my desktop machine. I have a UPS from APC which is controlled using the demon and not the GUI tools. Nonetheless my computer went randomly to sleep without any reason.

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PS3 Media Server And Ubuntu Foo

After I finally got my video and audio files a little bit better organized I decided that I need some kind of streaming server for all my possible devices. Blu-ray players from Sony and LG, a PS3 and some Android devices (HTC Thunderbolt and Incredible 2) want to be fed with music and movies. Seeing that eclectic collection of renderers it was immediately clear that I need some on the fly transcoding. So I looked into a couple media servers and finally decided to go with the PS3 Media Server.

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Comments In WordPress

This is an interesting evening. Like nearly everybody in this country I was working on my bills but I was a little bit late. So, of course the banks and some other sites went into maintenance for the night. Which is okay, so I am a little bit late on my payments but this is not my fault.

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DVD Audio Foo Bar

As described before, I started ripping some audio from DVD’s. Of course I started listening to my new collection and was a little bit disappointed with the result of one of my self made concert recordings. Nearly all the MP3’s seem to start too late. Some research and I was not the only one having that problem with transcode. But in my case it was more a bad authoring. Whoever created that DVD cut the tracks really, really badly.

DVD Linux MP3

The Foo Of Ripping Audio From A DVD

During my latest clean up I found a couple of DVD’s from which I would like to have just the audio as an MP3. Here we go…

First of all I needed to know the structure of the audio tracks on that DVD. Digging through the Ubuntu repository brought lsdvd to my attention. A quick install:

aptitude install lsdvd