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This is an interesting evening. Like nearly everybody in this country I was working on my bills but I was a little bit late. So, of course the banks and some other sites went into maintenance for the night. Which is okay, so I am a little bit late on my payments but this is not my fault.

Nonetheless, I was checking on my servers and I saw, again, comments piling up in for this site. Of course I checked them and again these comments were nothing but spam. Don’t get me wrong, I really like comments and I am really interesting what you have to say. But so far it is simply too much spam. So I decided from now on I won’t allow comments anymore. Where is the point in moderating comments if most of it is spam anyways. If somebody has really to say something they can send me an email and I will add this information as an update to the post.

So I went on a mission to switch off commenting in for this site (a.ka. switching off comments in WordPress). I first thought I got it by unchecking “Allow peopel to post comments ojnj new articles” in the discussion settings. But this is only for new articles. For existing articles I had to change the setting for everything posted. This task sounds harder than it is. Just go to “All Posts” and select all posts. Then change the “Bulk Actions” to “Edit” and hit the “Apply” button. ¬†And now in the “Comments” drop down select “Do not allow” and hit the “Update” button. Et voila the commenting option is gone.

Keep on hackin’

By peter

The Master Of Foo