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The Master Of Foo

rfc3092.net is my personal playground. I intend to publish interesting finds about anything that I’m interested in. My interests are broad so be prepared for diverse content. And of course this includes everything around the term foo and the alike (bar, foo bar, fubar…).

But who am “I”?

This is an about page after all. So lets start with the most obvious part. “I” am German. But what does that mean? In the end not a lot. Just that my native language is German. Well, I guess there are a couple of other things that trickle through. Like the fact that I love cars and driving them.

But “I” am also human. Yeah, I know, some Germans aren’t, but I can assure you that I am. Being human includes that I am married to a wonderful woman. Since May 2011 we are parents of a beautiful little boy and we enjoy every moment of him growing up.

Okay, German and human. Is that enough? Well, I guess not. Because I am also a geek or a nerd. Whatever you want to call me. I am not offended!

Now you know enough about me. Go ahead and browse my site! If you need to know more about me, then contact me by email.

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