CloudPress Foo

In the wake of all the NSA scandals I finally took the time and created a full blown cloud solution for my family. I used a lot of components that are readily available (Owncloud, Roundcube, WordPress, etc.) and could create a very well rounded solution for us. In order to integrate everything I used the Roundcube plugin for Owncloud and CloudPress to integrate with WordPress.

But of course I ran into trouble. The Roundcube plugin worked out of the box and I have no problem letting people set up their own accounts. But the CloudPress plugin to sync the user accounts made some trouble.

After some digging the problem was obvious. The file that you can download contains conflict tags from a CVS update. This is kinda odd but easy to fix. After I removed the tags and the broken/old code the sync worked fine but still some images of the plugin didn’t show up.

Some more digging and that was resolved as well. Now I have a nice solution for my family to write blog posts and collaborate. To make life easier for other people I decided to release the fixes that I applied. So please give a warm welcome to my own patches for CloudPress. And now click here to go to my project page.

By peter

The Master Of Foo