CloudPress for Owncloud 8

Finally the Owncloud people got their updater to work for me, and I went ahead and updated. As a result I had to make some tweaks to CloudPress to keep my users active. Check it out and let me know if it works for you. Find my this new version here.

CloudPress OC 6 Compatible

After I finally updated Owncloud to version 6.0.0a, I could test the compatibility of my CloudPress “patch” with that release. And I can announce that CloudPress is Owncloud 6 compatible.

CloudPress Foo

In the wake of all the NSA scandals I finally took the time and created a full blown cloud solution for my family. I used a lot of components that are readily available (Owncloud, Roundcube, WordPress, etc.) and could create a very well rounded solution for us. In order to integrate everything I used the… Continue reading CloudPress Foo