First of all, this is not the official avelsieve homepage! If you are searching for the official page click here. Also this is not a replacement or a fork of avelsieve. This is just a patch to make the current developer version work on a recent PHP installation.

After I upgraded my web server I also had the pleasure of updating PHP to version 5.3.2. So far so good, but I was using at the point of time squirrelmail 1.4.21 with avelsieve 1.9.9. Logging into squirrelmail was no fun anymore because I always saw a bunch of warnings or error messages about ereg() and split() being deprecated. But I also was reluctant to supress these warning messages.

I know 1.9.9 is beta and therefor not necessarily fully functional. But so far it did a great job for me so I checked for a new version on the avelsieve project page. Currently there is no patch for PHP 5.3 so I decided to do a quick patch on my own.

The version you can download here is based on the release 1.9.9 and includes fixes that remove all function calls that are considered deprecated in PHP 5.3.x.


There will be no further development from my end on the avelsieve plugin. More information can be found here.


Developer Release 1.9.9 (with PHP 5.3 patches)


MD5 Sums for the download files:

58740e2545d82145b4fbd548054d699e  avelsieve-1.9.9-hps.tar.bz2
ea105390ab08836135ed3a5aa5ab7bc2  avelsieve-1.9.9-hps.tar.gz
2495a432313e68557ae89b6f3fc36984  avelsieve-1.9.9-hps.zip

SHA-1 checksums for the download files:

f2233dfa9256cd39c8e84d7d59e12eab9ebf07ef  avelsieve-1.9.9-hps.tar.bz2
f35ba3e4a4470339ba1dd14fc704ccf0502a98c3  avelsieve-1.9.9-hps.tar.gz
84b9c18725f4da6f28e2c105647bccc1e168f347  avelsieve-1.9.9-hps.zip

For information about how to install and troubleshoot avelsieve please go to the official project homepage.

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