Windows 7 Upgrade Installation Foo

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It is, again, the time to re-install my virtual machine with Windows 7. So far so bad. I don’t like to install Windows in the first place but from time to time I needed it and Windows 7 is actually not that bad. But for a good reason ($$$) I bought an upgrade license of the Ultimate Edition. Now this would force me to install Windows Vista first, just to perform an upgrade. Sounds kinda silly, doesn’t it? So I won’t do it and I dug out an old c’t magazine (issue 24/2009) where they discuss a way to install the upgrade without going the normal upgrade path. I am sure there are some other resources out there that explain the same thing, but here is my take on it.
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PS3 Media Server And Ubuntu Foo

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After I finally got my video and audio files a little bit better organized I decided that I need some kind of streaming server for all my possible devices. Blu-ray players from Sony and LG, a PS3 and some Android devices (HTC Thunderbolt and Incredible 2) want to be fed with music and movies. Seeing that eclectic collection of renderers it was immediately clear that I need some on the fly transcoding. So I looked into a couple media servers and finally decided to go with the PS3 Media Server.
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Project Page

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After working on some other project I decided to create some space on this page. I created a general projects area and moved the avelsieve… Read More »Project Page


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I spent some time playing around with some themes and even looked into creating one of my own. I finally found one that I like… Read More »Re-Design

Comments In WordPress

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This is an interesting evening. Like nearly everybody in this country I was working on my bills but I was a little bit late. So, of course the banks and some other sites went into maintenance for the night. Which is okay, so I am a little bit late on my payments but this is not my fault.
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DVD Audio Foo Bar

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As described before, I started ripping some audio from DVD’s. Of course I started listening to my new collection and was a little bit disappointed with the result of one of my self made concert recordings. Nearly all the MP3’s seem to start too late. Some research and I was not the only one having that problem with transcode. But in my case it was more a bad authoring. Whoever created that DVD cut the tracks really, really badly.
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The Foo Of Ripping Audio From A DVD

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During my latest clean up I found a couple of DVD’s from which I would like to have just the audio as an MP3. Here we go…

First of all I needed to know the structure of the audio tracks on that DVD. Digging through the Ubuntu repository brought lsdvd to my attention. A quick install:

aptitude install lsdvd
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