avelsieve DNS Projects

Project Page

After working on some other project I decided to create some space on this page. I created a general projects area and moved the avelsieve project into it. The next step will be some Nagios plugins and my DNS play project. You can find that new page here.


avelsieve 1.9.9 With PHP 5.3.x Patch

After I was enduring for a while the warning messages and errors about deprecated functions in squirrelmail and avelsieve I decided to take action. On the official avelsieve homepage was no maintenance release that would tackle that problem and also the subversion repository didn’t really help here.

A quick read of the list of deprecated functions in PHP 5.3.x I fixed all occurrences of such nice functions like session_unregister, ereg, split and so on. The result is the “hps” version.

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