Re-Assign Host Access Permission For User In MySQL Foo

Changing the configuration of a VPN can have interesting side effects. In my case I had to open up the host permissions for my MySQL users and databases from a /24 to a /16 network. Should be easy… and it actually is. Here are the SQL commands you have to execute to perform such an […]

Amazon AWS SSL Certificate Import Foo

Using Amazon’s Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) with SSL is supposedly an easy thing to set up. And for the most part it is. You can use the command line tools or the web interface and all is good. But it seems Amazon messed up a little bit the error messaging. When uploading our SSL certificate […]

Wicd On Ubuntu Fails To Start Foo

Running Ubuntu, like most mainstream Linux distribution, means nowadays automatically that your computer gets exposed to the NetworkManager and its sideeffects. Maybe this tool might work for some desktop users, but it definitely never worked for me. It is cumbersome to configure, doesn’t like if an interface is managed manually or you want to change […]

Google Chrome With APT On Ubuntu Foo

Installing Google Chrome on a Debian based distribution is actually pretty nice and easy… if you know how. So lets get started. In the directory /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ create a file called google-chrome.list. Make sure that he extension is .list. The content of the file should be this: deb stable main After running apt-get update you […]

Getting Rid Of The Top Menu In Ubuntu

A fresh installation on one of my machines and I decided to give Ubuntu’s Unity another try. And the first that jumped out at me was the more than annoying global menu bar on top of the screen. Apple might be everybody’s darling when it comes to UI design but they do not understand how […]

Adobe Acrobat Reader in Ubuntu 13.10 Foo

I guess more or less every Linux user has noticed that the official Adobe Acrobat Reader version is out of date and that Adobe has no intention to update it. So you are stuck with version 9.5.5, which is mostly okay especially when you need some features that are only available in the official reader. […]