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I must admit, I don’t use Picasa. I actually don’t like all these image organization and album programs. But somebody shared a Picasa Web Album with me that had some really nice pictures of my niece’s wedding.

These were nice pictures and I wanted them on my machine. So, lets get on it and download them. This is not so easy, if you are not using Picasa. And that is not so easy on Linux. And the album had way too many pictures to download them manually.

The Firefox extension, or add-on DownThemAll! and it’s companion DownThemAll! AntiContainer are your friends when it comes to Web Album downloads from Picasa.

Once you installed everything DownThemAll! offers you a plethora of download options. For Picasa’s Web Album you choose the RSS feed link from the sidebar. Right click on it and select “Save Link with DownThemAll!” or go to the “Tools” menu and select in the “DownThemAll!” menu the entry “DownThemAll!…”.

The latter gives you a little bit more control over what is downloaded. For instance, you can select just image files or JPEG images. Either way, select a destination folder and click the “Start!” button. Sit back and watch it download.

The only downside is the image quality. I have not found any way to get a higher resolution image. The Flash or Shockwave based viewer shows beautiful HiRes pictures. But what I downloaded is much worse. Not really bad. But everything but good.

So, if anybody out there has an idea how to download the original resolution image in a shared Picasa Web Album, then let me know. I am all ears.

But until then, happy downloading.

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