Picasa Web Album Download Foo

I must admit, I don’t use Picasa. I actually don’t like all these image organization and album programs. But somebody shared a Picasa Web Album with me that had some really nice pictures of my niece’s wedding. These were nice pictures and I wanted them on my machine. So, lets get on it and download […]

npm “error parsing json” Foo

I finally got a chance to update my test installation of Ghost. But as usual Mr. Murphy thought it would be a good day to say hello. When running the installation using npm I got a ton of errors. Here an excerpt: … npm http 500 https://registry.npmjs.org/commander/1.3.2 npm ERR! registry error parsing json npm http […]

CloudPress OC 6 Compatible

After I finally updated Owncloud to version 6.0.0a, I could test the compatibility of my CloudPress “patch” with that release. And I can announce that CloudPress is Owncloud 6 compatible.

Netgear PS121v2 Print Server Linux Foo

It is always fun to re-activate some old hardware. We had this HP laser printer sitting there with a Netgear PS121 (v2!) and it was just begging me to use it. So I thought, that is a quick and easy set up. Well it would’ve been if it didn’t have some nice surprises for me. […]

Ubuntu Sleep Foo Resolved… Finally…

The deed is done! Finally! If you don’t know what I am talking about, please read here, here and here. I finally had the time to get down and dirty (literally!) and change the power supply. Well, the old one died on me and I had to replace it. Now the old 650W rests in […]