Missing modules for paramiko and gio in duplicity foo

Since I upgraded some of my servers to the latest LTS of Ubuntu, I saw nice warning messages in my duplicity backup reports. I know, these are just warnings and no errors, but I don’t like to see any warning in a backup report of mine. Here is a sample: Import of duplicity.backends.giobackend Failed: No […]

Apache Doesn’t Show Protected Folders… Foo

After setting up a nice download area with password protection I ran into an interesting issue. And I don’t know why I haven’t encountered that problem before. It’s not that I never set up Apache configurations or have never heard of mod_auth and mod_autoindex. But now to the problem itself. I had a set up […]

Eclipse Huge Tab Bar Foo

On my odyssey to find the right desktop environment for me I am back in Gnome land. In its latest incarnation Gnome 3 it looks nice and seems to be actually usable. I still don’t like that they removed more or less all useful configuration options. But finally there are some tools that make up […]

CloudPress Foo

In the wake of all the NSA scandals I finally took the time and created a full blown cloud solution for my family. I used a lot of components that are readily available (Owncloud, Roundcube, WordPress, etc.) and could create a very well rounded solution for us. In order to integrate everything I used the […]