Ubuntu Random Sleep Foo

I am really getting frustrated. I ruled out more or less everything. I have no UI connection to the battery in the UPS anymore but still the system goes either randomly to sleep (KDE, Unity, Gnome) or logs out and messes up the X server (XFCE).

The interesting thing is that I can distinguish between the log out screen of Unity/Gnome and XFCE. When running XFCE I all of a sudden see the logout screen of Unity/Gnome and not of XFCE. So something in the system of Gnome/KDE causes a log out or a sleep.

I am ready to go back to a simple window manager but still not sure if that really will help my problem.

Lets see what the next release of Ubuntu brings. At least it is not that long anymore…

Games In Just A Couple Of Bytes

Slashdot had a couple of articles on games that are coded in JavaScript in just a couple of lines of codes or even better in just a couple of characters of code.

I really like the way how coders go back to the roots and think about what you can do in just a handful of bytes. So here are two examples of games that are coded in just a handful of lines:

Tron (219 Bytes / project page)
Tetris (140 Bytes / project page)

Theme Choices Foo…

WordPress themes, an abundance of choices. And of course the urge to create my own theme. The latter will happen sooner or later, but at the moment I simply don’t have the time to sit down and design.

So I browsed the themes on the WordPress themes page and I found a couple interesting ones. After trying some for a while I decided that it is about the content and not about the looks. The good old “form follows function” is my favorite approach. So I settled (for the moment!) for the Manifest theme. I like it, so get used to it ;).

Windows 7 Upgrade Installation Foo

It is, again, the time to re-install my virtual machine with Windows 7. So far so bad. I don’t like to install Windows in the first place but from time to time I needed it and Windows 7 is actually not that bad. But for a good reason ($$$) I bought an upgrade license of the Ultimate Edition. Now this would force me to install Windows Vista first, just to perform an upgrade. Sounds kinda silly, doesn’t it? So I won’t do it and I dug out an old c’t magazine (issue 24/2009) where they discuss a way to install the upgrade without going the normal upgrade path. I am sure there are some other resources out there that explain the same thing, but here is my take on it.
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PS3 Media Server And Ubuntu Foo

After I finally got my video and audio files a little bit better organized I decided that I need some kind of streaming server for all my possible devices. Blu-ray players from Sony and LG, a PS3 and some Android devices (HTC Thunderbolt and Incredible 2) want to be fed with music and movies. Seeing that eclectic collection of renderers it was immediately clear that I need some on the fly transcoding. So I looked into a couple media servers and finally decided to go with the PS3 Media Server.
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check_process_runtime v1.0 Released

After revamping the site a bit to support multiple projects and some other stuff I finally found the time to upload some projects. The first is the check_process_runtime plugin for Nagios.

check_process_runtime has a simple purpose. Find processes that run for too long. You can give the script the name of the process or part of the process. It will then determine if the process will cause a warning or if it is critical. This happens by determining if a process runs too too long since it started. This is a Nagios plugin that will only run on Linux. It is using special features that are only available on Linux and on no other Unix or Windows!

But, again, I talk too much. The download is readily available here.

Y’all have a great night and please play with the plugin and tell me about the problems, questions, etc you have.

Project Page

After working on some other project I decided to create some space on this page. I created a general projects area and moved the avelsieve project into it. The next step will be some Nagios plugins and my DNS play project. You can find that new page here.


I spent some time playing around with some themes and even looked into creating one of my own. I finally found one that I like and that is as simple as possible. I don’t need all the glitter.

At the same time I added my twitter feed. Please feel free to follow me.