Ubuntu Random Sleep Foo

I am really getting frustrated. I ruled out more or less everything. I have no UI connection to the battery in the UPS anymore but still the system goes either randomly to sleep (KDE, Unity, Gnome) or logs out and messes up the X server (XFCE). The interesting thing is that I can distinguish between […]

UPower And UPS Detection Foo

Since I installed Ubuntu 11.10 I have some strange issues on my desktop machine. I have a UPS from APC which is controlled using the demon and not the GUI tools. Nonetheless my computer went randomly to sleep without any reason.

Games In Just A Couple Of Bytes

Slashdot had a couple of articles on games that are coded in JavaScript in just a couple of lines of codes or even better in just a couple of characters of code. I really like the way how coders go back to the roots and think about what you can do in just a handful […]

Theme Choices Foo…

WordPress themes, an abundance of choices. And of course the urge to create my own theme. The latter will happen sooner or later, but at the moment I simply don’t have the time to sit down and design. So I browsed the themes on the WordPress themes page and I found a couple interesting ones. […]

Windows 7 Upgrade Installation Foo

It is,¬†again, the time to re-install my virtual machine with Windows 7. So far so bad. I don’t like to install Windows in the first place but from time to time I needed it and Windows 7 is actually not that bad. But for a good reason ($$$) I bought an upgrade license of the […]

PS3 Media Server And Ubuntu Foo

After I finally got my video and audio files a little bit better organized I decided that I need some kind of streaming server for all my possible devices. Blu-ray players from Sony and LG, a PS3 and some Android devices (HTC Thunderbolt and Incredible 2) want to be fed with music and movies. Seeing […]

check_process_runtime v1.0 Released

After revamping the site a bit to support multiple projects and some other stuff I finally found the time to upload some projects. The first is the check_process_runtime plugin for Nagios. check_process_runtime has a simple purpose. Find processes that run for too long. You can give the script the name of the process or part […]

Project Page

After working on some other project I decided to create some space on this page. I created a general projects area and moved the avelsieve project into it. The next step will be some Nagios plugins and my DNS play project. You can find that new page here.


I spent some time playing around with some themes and even looked into creating one of my own. I finally found one that I like and that is as simple as possible. I don’t need all the glitter. At the same time I added my twitter feed. Please feel free to follow me.