avelsieve 1.9.9 With PHP 5.3.x Patch

After I was enduring for a while the warning messages and errors about deprecated functions in squirrelmail and avelsieve I decided to take action. On the official avelsieve homepage was no maintenance release that would tackle that problem and also the subversion repository didn’t really help here. A quick read of the list of deprecated […]

The RFC 3092

I think it is time to honor the RFC that is the name giver for my site. So lean back and enjoy the RFC that was one of the April fools joke of 2001.

Welcome To The World Of Foo

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome,…. I greet everybody who stumbles across these pages. Finally this blog is online and I can start rambling, ranting, ¬†philosophizing or whatever comes to my mind. ¬†But what are the topics that you can expect here. Well, the name of this blog derives from the RFC 3092 which deals with the etymology […]